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At 28 years old, I was diagnosed with a thyroid disease and spent the next several years trying to find the right way to manage this diagnosis. I listened attentively to doctors and diligently followed orders for various medications. Then in my late 30s, I began having hormonal issues and, once again, my doctor suggested a medication to balance me out. Almost immediately, I felt worse rather than better and began to question my current regimen.

I knew there had to be a healthier, more balanced way.

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So I began working with a nutritionist to learn more about the power of food as medicine. I learned that removing gluten could help with symptoms from my thyroid disease. How had no doctor ever shared this information with me? My curiosity piqued. I began implementing different holistic health and wellness practices such as breathwork, meditation and a whole foods diet. As a lifelong athlete with a passion for fitness, I continued to enjoy spinning, running, tennis and Pilates, and started teaching at Cyclebar. I began feeling the power of my body’s interconnectedness and realized how important it is to not just manage symptoms but take care of yourself on every level – mind, body and spirit.

In 2022, I became certified as a Health & Nutrition Coach through the Institute for Integrated Nutrition. I work with my clients to provide coaching, wellness and community support by filling the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. My goal is to bring clarity, direction and encouragement to your personalized health journey. When you feed good, you feel good.

I’m excited about the possibility of working together on healthier ways to help you live life to your fullest and most joyful.


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